4 Amazing Lakes to Paddle Board Near Montreal


You live in Montreal and are looking for lakes to paddle board? A serene and peaceful environment where you can connect with nature is going to help.

More than ever people are looking for activities inside their country and there are amazing unknown places you can discover in Quebec. 

Abundant national parks with navigable lakes and closed to Montreal ready for you! There are so many activities you can do: kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, camping and much more. Choose and explore! That’s the only thing you have to do. 

If you’ve never used an SUP, the best thing you can initially do is to search for paddle board rental stores near your city: Montreal, South Shore, Laval, etc. Stand up paddle board rentals are best suited for newbies and people wanting to try it first before making a purchase. Plus, if you don’t have space in your car, you can even rent an inflatable SUP which perfectly fits in any car regardless of its size.

Being said that, it’s time for you to discover 4 amazing lakes to paddle board near Montreal!

Lake of 2 Mountains 

Lake of 2 mountains is a peaceful and easy to access place where SUP aficionados are welcomed. Admire all sailboats while you use your inflatable stand up paddle board. Plus, if you live in Montreal, it does not take you long to get there. Grab your stuff and go for a new adventure!

Lac Supérieur

You don’t really have to spend a whole day to reach Lac Superieur. In less than 2h you’ll get there to appreciate all Mother Nature has to offer. Once you get there, you can chill and relax on your paddle board with your friends and relatives. This is definitely one of the best lakes to paddle board near Montreal. Enjoy your adventure!

Lake Brompton

Cross the Champlain bridge heading to the beautiful Lake Brompton. Stunning adventure awaits you to keep up with your “paddler” activities. Paddle on and profit lake to practice your paddle boarding tricks. Perhaps you prefer Sup yoga classes? Gather a group of friends and exercise in the middle of a sunset.

Lake Champlain

Not really far from Vermont, you’ll find Lake Champlain. This is a beautiful lake to paddle board as you can also enjoy other activities.  Hiking, canoeing and many more. Bring your family with you and explore hidden corners of Quebec.

Evade from the noisy city of Montreal and rush for a day filled with adrenaline where you can enjoy your paddle board rental and exercise. 

Want to rent a paddle board near you? The solution is here. Get amazing prices and discounts. You can fit the inflatable paddle board in your car and have all the accessories including a life vest for extra safety.


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