4 Paddle Boarding Benefits You Need to Know


If stand up paddle board is your passion, then you’ll learn more about its benefits here!

Weight Loss

Your paddle boarding calories burned matter! If going to a gym filled with people you don’t know intimidates you or doesn’t motivate you at all, then paddle boarding might be the solution. Tear apart those love handles and enjoy a relaxing experience. Balance and posture play a key role when using an inflatable sup. By exercising your postural muscles and building better proprioception, you’re reducing injury risks!

Outdoors Activity

You live in Canada or another nordic country? Accept it, summer doesn’t last very long! Approach those few months with proactivity by paddle boarding. There are so many places to go paddle boarding that one summer isn’t enough! In addition, there are many studies revealing that replacing your sedentary lifestyle by an outdoor activity increases your daily performance and reduces anxiety or even depression.

Meet New People

Have you ever tried a paddle board class? That’s a great way to meet new people near your neighborhood and build your network. Blend with new active communities where you can build a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re inexperienced.

 Do you know why? Because that’s the whole point of joining a paddle board class! Learning and making new friends.

Peace of Mind

Once you try it once, it becomes addictive. A good one though! You’re so immersed into it that you forget about your problems. Overthinking behavior stops while you paddle on because you’re focused on keeping your balance and navigating the lake or river your in. SUP activities are more than good for fitness, they’re a way to keep you calm and relaxed.


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