Chambly Beer Festival: Add SUPing to the list this summer


There’s a lot to look forward to this September in Quebec when summer starts. There’s an off-island suburb in Montreal, Chambly, which celebrates a local beer festival near a lake that locals and tourists would want to check out. Why not add SUPing to your itinerary this time around?

However, it should be noted that it is highly discouraged and even prohibited to go SUPing under the influence of alcohol. Rental shops won’t even allow you to rent boards if they believe that you have been excessively drinking and will not be mentally and physically fit to SUP.

So what do you then? The Chambly Beer Festival is a month-long event in Montreal. There are a lot of activities to partake in and a lot of events to check out but here’s where you can insert the water sport into your itinerary.

Early morning SUPing to enjoy the picturesque Chambly scenery

The event transpires within the vicinity of the Fort Chambly National Historic Site, which is near a body of water. You can start your day by enjoying the rise of the sun while standing on a paddle in the middle of the lake beside Fort Chambly. Make SUPing your early morning exercise before heading to the event to taste all kinds of beers, microbreweries, and food prepared by the locals.

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Watch the festival transpire at a short distance while enjoying the sport

If drinking beer or socializing is not your cup of tea, you can just watch the whole event from a short distance while doing what you love to do—SUPing. It’s fun to watch people enjoy and mingle during a town festival. You can even watch bands play at a distance, especially if the grounds are filled with festival-goers—That’s one way of observing social distancing.

Chambly Beer Festival: Add SUPing to the list this summer

Also, you can bring your kids with you as an alternative outdoor activity that they can participate in yet still enjoy the spirit of the joyous occasion even from a distance. It’s never too early to start them with SUPing as well, so long as you observe safety measures and precautions when doing the sport with children. With this, they can still feel the essence of the festival without participating directly in it.

SUP racing: The loser gets to buy everyone a beer

It’s not advisable to drink alcohol and SUP. That’s why you have to put SUPing first on the itinerary before going on a beer stall hoping at the Chambly Beer Festival. One fun activity to do with your friends is going SUP racing and whoever loses gets to buy the whole group a beer or even dinner.

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Go on a romantic date aboard a stand up paddle board

The festival might just be the perfect moment to ask someone out. You can bring a special someone in the middle of the lake on a paddleboard and bask in the glory of the whole scene together. It’s quite romantic, don’t you think? You can also try to teach that special someone how to SUP and explore the sport together. It can also be a way to low-key show off your mad SUPing skills.

The Chambly Beer Festival is a highly-anticipated and must-go local festival in Montreal. If you’re a tourist looking for other outdoor fun activities aside from the joyous beer festivities, you might want to check out inflatable SUP rentals and explore Fort Chambly from a different angle. Just bear in mind that you don’t mix the water sport with alcohol for your safety and for everyone around you.


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