Paddle Boarding Lessons: 5 Helpful Tips for Beginners


Paddle boarding is not as easy as others may think. That’s why some beginners take paddle boarding lessons to assure they are learning and doing the sport right. However, paid classes may seem costly for others and so, they’d prefer to discover and learn on their own. If you’re one of those people, here are the five helpful tips for you to keep in mind while taking your first few steps in learning how to SUP.

5 Helpful tips for beginners

When SUPing, there’s a lot of pointers to keep in mind to assure that you are doing it correctly and safely as well. These five tips are quite simple but can be forgotten from time to time. These are just a few simple paddle boarding lessons to help you start SUPing properly.

Wear your leash first before carrying the paddle board to the water

Make sure to strap your ankle with the built-in leash before carrying your paddle board to the water and not when you’re already standing on the board. This will likely result in you getting out of balance and falling over the board.

As a beginner, you will likely experience a few failed attempts when trying to climb and stand on your SUP. So you will be falling over and into the water a lot. There will be times that your board will float away and you can just easily pull on the leash to bring the board back to you.

Wearing a leash is a basic safety measure as well. In case of emergency, your board will serve as your life raft. You have to make sure you won’t get separated from your SUP.

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Never get stuck in a semi-crouch position

Standing up straight on the paddle board may be one of the hardest things to master. But it is more tiring to get stuck in a semi-crouching position. This happens when you keep on looking down instead of looking forward. Once in a standing position, place your paddle in the water, stand up straight and place your chest forward.

Place yourself on the paddle board correctly

The key to not get stuck in a semi-crouch position is to make sure you place yourself correctly on the board. While still on a kneeling position, adjust your body accordingly, assuring that you are placed on the center of the SUP. Being on the far end or too near to the front will cause your board to sink. Find that center and place your feet where your knees were.

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Place or direct your paddle correctly

Make sure your paddle is angled forward instead of the other way around. With this, you will get more power on your stroke. Correctly place both of your hands on the handle to firmly grip your paddle. One hand should be holding the tip of the handle while the other is placed in the middle.

Last of the Paddle Boarding Lessons: Fully plant your paddle into the water

A common beginner mistake: only using the tip of the paddle. That will not make you go anywhere far—or anywhere at all. Make sure that you fully plant your paddle into the water to get the push you need to successfully paddle around the lake.

Hardships in SUPing are just temporary, all it takes is constant practice. If you are just testing the sport out and don’t want to invest in paid paddle barding lessons or in gears just yet, you can always look into SUP rental first.


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