Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories: 6 Best Gears, Gadgets, and Apparel


Are you looking to level up your stand up paddle boarding? Then you’ve got to make sure you’re all set and ready to hit the water with all the necessary gears, gadgets, and apparel. Stand up paddle board accessories add up to the whole experience. It definitely raises the bar up and makes SUPing way more fun and memorable.

Some accessories are deemed essential while others are just to add style. It mixes up the way people do the sport and brings more enjoyment—even if you’re doing it alone or with friends.

Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories Must-Haves

Your stand up paddle board inflatable alone could definitely give you the best water ride of your life. But if you want to shake things up, bring your SUPing to the next level, then you will need accessories. There’s a lot to consider when purchasing add-on equipment such as budget, space, occasion, and logistics. Which is why we’ve narrowed down six basic stand up paddle board accessories to start your collection.

Life vest

A life vest is one of the most essential gears you’ll need when SUPing. It can literally save your life. Lakes are deep and just for security measures, it’ll always be best to have a vest on or a PFD.

SUP leash

A SUP leash is another essential accessory that you must get. Basically, the leash will keep you and your paddle board together no matter what happens. There are three main types to take note of—coiled, straight/flat, and breakaway or quick release. All three have their own advantages and disadvantages and it’ll be up to the paddler’s preference on which type to get.

River paddlers are advised to use a breakaway or quick release leash. When faced with a tough situation, like a strong current, and you’re being dragged by the board, you can easily detach.

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SUP Cooler

This is more on the luxury stand up paddle board accessories range. Although it can also be considered as essential as it can be pretty thirsty while chilling in the middle of the deep lake and under the piercing heat of the sun. Keeping a cooler with drinks and snack make your paddling adventure more satisfying.


Well, if you’re chilling with a drink in hand in the middle of the lake, might as well bring some beats with you to spice things up. Everything is always better with tunes. Among all things, make sure that the speaker is waterproof and has a long-lasting battery life.

Sports camera

You’ll never know when you’re next SUP venture will be, so you better make sure to film the whole experience for memorabilia. If it’s for a vlog, you might want to look into the premium ones.

Stand Up Paddle Board Apparel: SUPing in style!

The last of the six essential stand up paddle board accessories we have is, of course, apparel. Dress to impress, as others would say.

You have to consider a few things when choosing the right suit to wear when SUPing. First, there’s the weather. For cooler temperatures, you might want to consider wearing a wetsuit. If for events like SUP yoga, you may opt for just ordinary swimwear, but you may want to pack warmer clothing just in case the weather condition changes.

If you’re still not sure whether you are willing to spend as much in stand up paddle board accessories, more so with your very own paddle board. You can always rent an inflatable stand up paddle board first and see where the water takes you.


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