Stand Up Paddle Board Benefits: Get A Killer Body


Stand Up Paddle Board Benefits: Get A Killer Body

For a lot of people, when summer comes and they see themselves in front of a mirror, what happens? perhaps discouragement, distress or simply a “I don’t care” attitude. Design your routine with a healthy lifestyle without having to care about your summer shape all the time. Incorporate healthy habits is great; adding fun and entertaining activities such as paddle boarding is even better. Here are some reasons why stand up paddle board benefit you in many ways!

Paddle Boarding Targets Your Abs

Every time you stand up on an inflatable SUP, your abdominals are engaged. Otherwise you lose balance and fall off your paddleboard. In fact, when talking about your abs, it’s not only your “six-pack” that develops, but also your obliques and your transverse muscle. Yes, every time you paddle, you do trunk rotations, trunk inclinations and all your core is super engaged. So, paddle boarding is an excellent way to exercise your abdominal muscles.

Suping Boosts Upper & Lower Body Strength

Definitely you don’t need to get a gym membership to develop your muscles. Stand up paddle board benefits remain constant. Your quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings work constantly to keep you on the board. Plus, you have to move forward and sometimes backwards, right? Guess what muscles are engaged during that phase of paddling…upper body muscles!

Your back (latissimus dorsi among other muscles), shoulders, biceps, triceps etc. The more you paddle and the more you add power to move faster with your inflatable SUP, the stronger you can get.

Paddle Boarding Cardio Benefits

It’s not over yet! Acquire a better cardiovascular capacity and improve your overall cardio. This is not only pleasant to explore your lake or river, but it helps you reduce your resting heart rate and vascularity. Even for your daily life activities, making paddle boarding a lifestyle will drastically reduce health problems such as hypertension while improving your fitness condition.

Tailor your lifestyle according to your routine. Paddle boarding might be an excellent sport to get into. Incorporating it a few times a week will definitely get you results!


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