SUP Rental Pricing Plan

You can pick up the SUP the day prior your rental from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. or  on the same day of your reservation

Answers to Your Questions

Cities Where We Can Make Deliveries (Rentals Only)

If you buy one of our Stand-up Paddleboards, we ship all over Canada.

For rentals, we only make deliveries to these specific cities (Quebec Province):

– Montreal, Laval, Brossard, Chambly, Longueuil, La Prairie, Candiac, Delson, Saint-Hubert, Saint-Lambert, Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Boucherville

Learn more about it here

SUP rental example

Let’s use an example: you rent 4 paddle boards for 3 days.

Rental price for 2 to 3 days per inflatable paddle board 39.99$
# of rental days 3
# of paddle boards in total 4

Price for 3 days per Paddle Board

39.99$ X 3 (days)  = 119.97$

Price for 3 days and 4 Paddle Boards

119.97$ X 4 (Paddle Boards) = 479.88$

Total Price


For this particular example, the total price, excluding taxes, is 479.88$

Paddle Board Pick Ups & Return Time

Rental rates are applied from 9:00am (pick-up time) and  5:00pm (return time)  for paddle boards.

After hours returns may result in a full day charged. Partial days aren’t prorated.

Can I have an early pick-up and a late drop-off?

You can schedule  earlier pick-ups and later drop-offs.

You  must let us know at least 24h in advance and not on the same day. Otherwise, you’ll be charged a full day.

Early pick-up start at 8:00 am

Maximal late drop-off time: 7:00 pm

Drop-offs  after 7:00 pm will result in a full day charged.

Can I Cancel My Reservation?


All reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours  (1 day) in advance.

If you reserve an SUP the same day of your cancellation, El Nazaré reserves the right to charge you.

What Should I Wear to Paddleboarding?

Comfort is key!  “suping” is a water sport. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet with: swimwear, board shorts, water compatible shoes, etc.

 If you rent on a sunny day, a hat and sunglasses will be of great help.

And remember to apply sunscreen! 

I'm a beginner, do I need experience to use a paddle board ?

Most of our new customers are first timers or beginners. From kids to older adults, paddle boarding is an experience worth trying!

On the other hand, it is preferable if you have a decent fitness level. So, you can get to a standing position and maintain balance while paddle boarding.

What is the Inflatable Paddle Board weight limit?

Our SUPs are very solid and durable. Most of our inflatable paddle boards  can support up to  265lbs approximately.

I'm late for my reservation, What Happens Next?

Don’t worry!

If your inflatable sup reservation is paid in advance for a specific date, it won’t be rented to anyone else.

Important: Personal Safety before using an Inflatable Paddle Board
  1. Consult your physician before using a Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP). Use this product only if
    you are in good physical health. User must know how to swim.
  2. Users of this product must be 18 years of age or must have a legal guardian read these
    warnings and safety precautions. Do not use this product without adult supervision.
  3. DO NOT use this product while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications
  1. Do not use this product in offshore wind conditions.
  2. Do not use this product in more than 10 knots of wind. Windy conditions may result in serious
    injury or death.
  3. Caution should be used when carrying this product. Carrying the board in windy conditions may
    result in serious injury to the users and other nearby
  4. Do not use the product in conditions that are beyond the user’s ability (examples, but not limited
    to high surf, riptides, currents, or river rapids).
  5. Do not use this product near other boat traffic, or watercrafts.
  6. Do not use this product in thunderstorms and lightning conditions.
Can I use an air compressor to inflate the Paddle Board?

Do not use an air compressor. It will result in damage to the
board, and will void all warranties. Maximum air pressure for this product is 15psi.


How much should I inflate the SUP?

We recommend using the board at a pressure between 12- 15 psi. 15 psi gives you a good

What Happens if I Lose or Break the Equipment I rented?

Unfortunate things can happen, right?

El Nazaré’s team wants to make sure that you have the best experience possible, that’s why before you leave with your inflatable SUP, we provide you a free check-up list of all the equipment you’ll be getting. It’s important that you use it at the end of your rental period so you make sure all accessories are brought back to us. 

Before leaving El Nazaré’s location, customers must sign an agreement  in case they lose or break the equipment.

Fees apply if you lose or break the rented equipment. To know the list of fees, click here.

Unconditionally guaranteed. Always.

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